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Recent Photos

Scenes from the June 2012 Dyer Park Launch

Neal Miller enjoying the "balmy" weather-- hot & toasty but calm winds!

Rick Boyette preps his FE-5 front-engine helicopter for its first test flight.

The FE-5 in boost configuration

The FE-5 after deployment-- 20 second duration on a B4-4.

Mike Bald hooks up the igniters on his Double-D as Neal Miller steadies his Jaguar.

Paul Stutzman's B-Helo design had some "structural issues" that resulted in a less-than-successful test flight.

 Dennis Donohue's Andrea-4 lit all four D12's for a spectacular flight!

Inigo corrupting America's youth with his 4-motor, keyfob-cam design.

Martin Kuck's Yellow Thing heads upward on an Aerotedch G80.

Marty with the yellow Thing after its second G-powered flight of the day.

 Getting some good exercise...

Rick Boyette's Upscale Orbital Transport, autographed by STS-1 commander Bob Crippen, flies great on the new Estes E12.

View of Mount Trashmore-- Dyer Park is built on a closed landfill site.

 Another rack ready to go...

Paul Stutzman's Maxi-Alpha 3-- another classic Estes re-issue.

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