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Aerial Image provided by Google Earth

This is an aerial photo of the Dyer Park site. It is bounded by the Florida Turnpike on the west, the diagonal-running Beeline Highway/SR 714 on the north, Haverhill Road on the east and dense woods on the south.

The two entrances are off Haverhill Road, which is the curved road at right. The main entrance is at the north; the entrance we will use is at the southeast corner. Follow the paved road/bikepath west to where it starts to curve north. Continue north to the first shellrock turnoff; this will be the parking area. The range will be set up to the west of the parking area and northeast of the model airplane field (visible near the southwest corner), approximately where the yellow pin is located, depending upon the wind direction.

The site is free of obstructions for approximately 2000' east, north and west; however the triangular-shaped mound to the east of the bikepath is fenced off and access is restricted to park personnel. In the event a rocket lands in that area, we will contact the park groundskeepers to retrieve it.

Dyer Park site

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