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Recent Photos

Scenes from September 29, 2012 Launch - Dyer Park

Kestor Brown gets ready to fly his Estes Alpha III as part of his school science project on the relationship between motor power and altitude.

Okay Gentlemen, assume the position!

Neal Miller loads his rare, 1970's-vintage Cox Saturn 1B on the pad-- these will set you back a few hundred bucks on E-bay, IF you can find one!

A rack of rockets atop Mount Trashmore!

Mike ???'s (I wish people would put their last name on the @#$% log sheet!) LOC 3" diameter bird on the rail.

 Off it goes under Sparky G106 power for a spectacular flight...

... and a nice recovery!

Paul Stutzman's Venus Rocketry Pancake helo bird swapped ends off the pad... did Dennis "Birthday Boy" Donohue's Quad 4, with four Estes heli-chopper nose cones-- you guys ever hear of the "Cardboard Cutout" method for determining CP?

Rick Boyette's 1960's vintage Estes GT-3 had another near-perfect flight on twin C6-5 motors-- one of the clear plastic fins broke, which is typical!

Inigo loads his Estes Executioner, powered by an E9-8 and three C6-0's.

Rick Boyette's Omega with Oracle video camera failed to stage & pranged. Damage was minimal, thanks to the spongy turf!

Rudi Haselbauer preps his Wildman Darkstar Jr. for a G-powered flight. The altimeter recorded about 1500 ft altitude and the rocket had a perfect two-stage deployment, with a small drogue at apogee and the main parachute at 500 ft.

Rick Boyette's Hawk Mountain Upscale Orbital Transport flew (barely) on an Estes E-9. Here is the glider, autographed by STS-1 pilot Bob Crippen, on the ground after a picture-perfect glide recovery.

Neal's diminutive, 1/4A-powereed Seattle Rocket Works Nike-Smoke is flanked by Rick's Estes Jupiter-C and Orbital Transport. All three had perfect flights to round out the day's flying as stormy weather can be seen approaching in the background.

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