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Recent Photos

Scenes from the February 25 Launch

Mike Bald locks & loads his Ares

 Russell & Russ Joyner prep their G74-powered Sumo

Jason Bloom's Mark 50, Mosquito & Birdie

 Rachel Miller's "Mama Mosquito Taco Bell" (oohhhh-KAY) on a D12-3

 Neal Miller (l.) and Dennis Donohue, two old vets from the 1980's club

Robert Szabo logs in the Maniac

An almost-full rack, ready to go

Rocket Rick's Omega with Oracle digicam-- weathercocked a long way upwind, landed on the ballfield...

...Foul ball! Camera malfunctioned, no video recovered. Bummer!

Hey Russell, just say no to crack...

 Bob Szabo preps his Black Brant as Neal Miller offers sage advice...

Greg Cline & his McLaren replica-- sweet ride, but not much room for rockets!

Jason Bloom & his Mickey Magg

Harley Bezpiaty's Initiator on an F40-7

"Just Do It"-- always good advice when flying rockets!

Rocket Rick's Estes Alpha, autographed by Vern, Gleda & Betty Estes at NARAM-50-- I wonder how much it would fetch on Ebay?

Sorry, Cole, it ain't Finders Keepers!

 Rudi Haselbauer preps the Wild Child for a wild ride on an F24-7.

Paul Stutzman loads the Li'l Dog cruise missile for its epic flight uprange on a Cesaroni G50. It splashed down in "Lake Stutzman" but he fished it out the next day, none the worse for wear!

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